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One of our primary goals as commercial property leasing agents is to attract high-quality tenants. These are tenants who not only pay their rent on time, but also add to the quality and reputation of the property.

Make a good first impression

Appearances matter. If the space is old and outdated, it’s time to paint walls, replace flooring and update lighting. Some spaces may require removing walls or reconfiguring the layout, depending on your type of tenant. For industrial properties everything should be in working order. Fix leaks, cover exposed wires and repair any broken doors.

Understand your target tenant

Identify the types of tenants that align with your property’s location, size and purpose. Different types of businesses have different needs. Retail businesses require lots of parking for customers, tech companies often want an open layout with high-speed internet, and restaurants typically need grease traps, ventilation, and three-compartment sinks.

Put your pitch together

Once you’ve identified your ideal tenant, assemble a professional marketing package. The package should include professional photos, an overview of the property, floor plans, location details, a local market analysis including Hawaii demographics and trends, lease terms and pricing, and more.

Be responsive and flexible

Prospective tenants should feel comfortable and confident in working with you. Always return calls and emails promptly, accommodate the needs of different businesses by offering flexible lease terms, and provide regular updates as negotiations progress.

Build a strong relationship with your tenants

When tenants feel heard and cared for, they stay longer. Be understanding of their concerns and foster open lines of communication. Happy tenants also attract new tenants, so be a leasing agent they like and trust.

Need Help?

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