Property Management

Few roles are as vital to the success and profitability of your commercial asset as that of your property manager. We deliver unparalleled expertise in property and asset management services through our subsidiary, Standard Management.

Multifamily Property Management

For apartment building owners seeking comprehensive support, we offer a full suite of services including fiscal and facility management, leasing, marketing, tenant relations, capital needs assessments, operational audits, legal compliance, risk mitigation, asset management and more.

Our Approach

We begin by first understanding what you want to achieve. We then do an in-depth analysis of the property. Should your rents be higher? Would renovations boost your income potential? Could a sale and 1031 exchange into another property improve your returns? By laying out the possibilities, we give you the actionable information you need to succeed.

Commercial Property Management

For commercial property owners, we provide a complete array of services designed to optimize your property investment. Our offerings include fiscal and facility management, capital needs assessments, operational analysis and reporting, legal and regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, asset management and more.

Our Approach

As a Hawaii-based firm, we know the importance of building strong relationships and delivering on our promises. Our firsthand experience as property owners means we understand the perspectives of owners and ensure that our strategies align closely with their goals. Leveraging our extensive background in institutional investing, we adopt a highly strategic stance towards each commercial asset. This involves a meticulous analysis fueled by data, insights, and established protocols, enabling us to identify areas for enhancement and execute intelligent investment choices with precision.

Free Property Evaluation

Are you getting the highest returns possible from your apartment building or commercial property? Our experts can provide a free evaluation and offer insights to help your property realize its full investment potential.